Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I did decide that I’d be starting my month of daily sketches today (and announced it on deviantART), but I have another post to make first. 

So here’s the thing: when I was doing the daily sketches last time, I was aiming for at least a year’s worth, but I wasn’t keeping count as I drew; it was only when it came to uploading them on the blog that I assigned them a number, and knew how many days along I was.  When it came to February, I knew I’d done a year, but because I was behind in scanning them I didn’t know exactly where to stop... thus, I overshot the mark a little.  Here are those other sketches!


The girl in the middle is meant to be Black Canary; I thought the drawing in general was ok but the face I couldn’t get right.  I still hate it.  The guy in the bottom right corner is a member of Special Judicial Squad, from the Judge Dredd comic (very hard to find reference for those guys...); the guy next to him is Green Arrow, one of the crappest superheroes ever conceived.  Can you tell that I was struggling for ideas at this point?  Oh, and you know how I’m fond of drawing rubbish visual puns, like Fighter Pilot and Cricket Bat?  Well in this image there is a truck.  Full of monsters.  I even labelled it for you.  I think the rest is self-explanatory!

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